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Penthouse, Wisma Paradise, No.63 Jalan Ampang, 50450

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Chairman's Message Corporate Profile Corporate Structure Management Team CSR Awards & Recognition

Tara Foundation is a registered entity with the Malaysian Government. It is a non-government, non-profit and non-political organization. It is managed by a set of Committee Members dedicated to Humanity. and was incorporated to provide the masses with a Source of Hope and to elevate people that are plagued with poverty.

Its main focus is to provide education to those in need. Education is the road to poverty eradication. Thus, the Foundation emphasizes on the importance of Education and personality development. To groom an individual to become self-reliant, self-sufficient and to have self- respect.

Tara Foundation, have the determination to move further on in developing as many individuals, especially children, to become good citizens. Thus, it will result in a better nation.

MATERIAL – Providing with material goods is one way of performing charity. The doer is merely distributing things such as clothes, footwear, foodstuffs and the likes. The receiver obtains and utilizes.

PHYSICAL – This means the person who performs charity goes and hands over to the afflicted person. An effort has been taken to be in physical contact. The receiver is happy to note that there are caring people around.

EMOTIONAL – This is by way of providing support in terms of talking and listening to the affected person. The person giving emotional support will understand life better. It will help them to appreciate what they already possesses. The affected person is able to release some amount of burden or emotion and would feel better for a limited period of time.

INTELLECTUAL – The doer provides his time, effort and gives proper instructions of correcting the affected person’s way of doing things. This is the doer’s contribution or charity. In this manner, it helps elevate the affected person’s thinking and getting him on the right path. It will help put the person on the move and than start to realize the importance of leading a meaningful life. For this, the doer has used the concept of intellectual for upliftment.

SPIRITUAL – The highest of all charity is spiritual teachings. The dissemination of good values and the importance of being self-sufficient outbeats all charity. The doer’s time, effort, determination, patience, understanding, faith is sufficient charity. It would bring change to the affected person’s life some time or other. Like the saying goes, ‘instead of providing a fish, teach them the skill of fishing’. This would bring a lifetime of peace.


ways of performing charity

Charity clears clouded thinking and reveals the world as it is. It paves the way for the individual to know that there are people who are living in darkness. The doer who performs charity will realize and understand how blessed it is to be able to provide for instead of acquiring. Blessed are those whom are able to give!